Should You Invest in a White Roof in Lynnwood?

white roof, cool roofYou may want to consider the installation of a white roof, also known as a cool roof. What does this roof type entail and why might it be advantageous for commercial roofs? Learn all about this form of roofing and whether it’s right for your establishment.

What Is a White Roof in Lynnwood?

A white roof is a roof with white panels, making its name kind of self-explanatory. The purpose, though, is that it’s more energy efficient and more effective at deflecting heat versus darker-colored panels. Think about it: why is it generally considered a bad idea to wear black clothing on a hot day? Dark colors absorb more heat. The same applies to roofing panels. The more heat the panels absorb the more heat is transferred into the interior. It stands to reason then that lighter roof colors absorb less heat.

According to research from the Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory, white roofs slash energy use by 20% on a sunny day. In high-density urban areas, white roofs have the benefit of lowering overall temperature. This is advantageous due to the heat absorbed by paved roads, which makes temperatures hotter at ground level.

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Four Common Warm Weather Roofing Stressors in Mukilteo

warm weather roofing stressorsSummer is in full swing; with it comes peak-high temperatures. The heat can be just as taxing on commercial and residential roofs. Here are some warm weather roofing stressors that erode roof health and longevity.

1. UV Rays

Constant UV ray exposure can cause shingles to dry out and eventually crack. Cracked shingles may also begin to peel in the corners. The edges may start to curl, creating openings for water to seep in.

2. Humidity

Mukilteo isn’t the most humid region in the country. Even so, summer does mean increased humidity. When the roof’s surface temperature is lower than the air around it, condensation takes place. This is why it’s important that roofs have soffit or ridge vents to maximize circulation. Our additional services include vent installation and replacement. Continue Reading →

Are You Helping the Environment with Green Roofing in Mill Creek?

Green roofingSustainable homes are becoming a trend in the Mill Creek area. Many homeowners want to live in a house that leaves behind a minimal carbon footprint. The roof, though, plays a huge factor. Learn about green roofing and how it contributes to a better environment. 

How the Roof Affects the Environment

America has over 3,000 landfills. Americans also throw away enough trash daily to fill 63,000 garbage trucks. The waste consists of everyday household trash, including roofing materials like shingles.

Here’s an eye-opening fact: roughly 80% of the work residential roofers do consists of replacing an aging roof rather than making repairs. Replacement means a new one is installed, and the old one makes a one-way trip to the landfill.

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Open Valley Roof Vs. Closed Valley Roof: Know the Difference in Seattle

open valley roof, closed valley roofInstalling a new residential roof? Maybe you need repairs to an existing one. The contractor may ask about the type of roof you want. The two primary choices are an open valley roof and closed valley roof. Most homeowners probably don’t know the difference and are unfamiliar with these terms. Learn about these two roof types and how they contrast.

What Is a Roof Valley?

First, let’s explain what a roof valley is. In a typical home with a sloped roof, the valley is the section where the flat area meets with the sloped area to form a V-shape. This part usually contains flashing to offset leaks.

Open Valley

In an open valley, the valley area is fortified by a metal or aluminum strip. Some styles may also include a water and ice shield to further protect against ponding water. The intersection point, however, is open and lacks the outermost roofing material. Continue Reading →

Does Your Commercial Roof Need an Access Hatch Near Everett?

Access hatchYou don’t see an access hatch on residential roofs, yet they’re quite common for commercial roofs. Business facilities require more frequent roofing maintenance in order to meet building code guidelines. A hatch provides convenient access for roofers.

Considerations for an Access Hatch

First, you need to determine an appropriate hatch size. Do you plan on using the hatch as an entrance for personnel, or do you also plan on transporting large equipment? The latter is often the case if your roof contains an industrial HVAC unit.

A hatch also needs a built-in ladder or stairs. For smaller single-cover hatches, a fixed ladder is good enough. For larger hatches and getting large equipment through, the roofer may need to install ship stairs. Continue Reading →

The Different Types of Metal Roofing Panels Near Edmonds

metal roofingMany homeowners are aware of the different shingle types. However, when it comes to metal roofing, people tend to think there’s just one type. There are actually multiple styles. Learn of the different types and which one may be a good fit for your residential roof.

1. Steel Roofing

Steel is an alloy composed of iron and other elements. This option is also sustainable since most roof makers produce the panels from recycled material. Most steel panels consist of weathering or galvanized steel.

2. Aluminum Roofing

Aluminum panels are highly resistant to corrosion. This makes them a great option for coastal properties since these areas have high humidity. When aluminum reacts with oxygen, it forms aluminum oxide. This acts as a protective barrier that shields the inner layer from rust. Continue Reading →

Roofing Membrane Parameters for a Commercial Roof Near Mukilteo

roof membrane parametersCommercial roofing mainly comes in the form of flat roofs. However, the roof membrane underneath can come in a variety of styles and strengths. Here are some of the roof membrane parameters. The contractor will determine the best parameters, though it’s useful information to know the classifications that make up the membrane.

Breaking Strength

Most installers mechanically secure membranes to the roof’s deck. Breaking strength assesses the membrane’s ability to stay intact when exposed to high winds and other strong forces. Continue Reading →

Is Solar Panel Roof Damage Possible Near Lynnwood?

solar panel roof damageSolar panel installation is a common New Year’s resolution around Lynnwood. This is a terrific investment that’ll reduce your carbon footprint while also cutting down on energy costs. However, possible solar panel roof damage may weigh on the minds of some homeowners. Is this something you should be concerned about?

How Solar Panel Roof Damage May Occur Near Lynnwood

As long as solar panels are installed correctly, the roof won’t incur any damage. Some homeowners, however, are concerned the panels themselves may be an issue, as their weight may stress the roof. Modern solar panels are constructed from silicon, anti-reflective coating, and metal mounting hardware. The average weight of the individual panels is about four pounds per square foot. Unless the roof is badly outdated and in disrepair, this weight shouldn’t be an issue for the conventional residential roof.

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Roof Repair or Recover: Which Is Right for Your Commercial Property Near Mercer Island?

roof repair or recover

As durable as commercial roofs are near Mercer Island, they do require periodic maintenance every few years. If the roof does indeed require additional work, then the roofer may recommend either roof repair or recover. Learn the difference between the two.

Roof Repair and Recover Explained

A roof repair is quite self-explanatory. However, most people aren’t familiar with roof recovery. Here’s how repair and recovery differ.

Roof Repair

A roof repair is done to fix minor issues, and the roof for the most part is still in fairly good condition. With roof repair, the membrane itself is still in decent shape and within its life expectancy. Repairs include minor touchups like replacing a few peeling shingles or sealing exposed flashing. Continue Reading →

Understanding Fire-Resistant Roofing Near Mill Creek

Fire-Resistant RoofingThe majority of roofing materials are fire-resistant. We must stress that being fire-resistant does NOT mean fire-proof. Roofs are capable of catching on fire. We’ll discuss the meaning of fire-resistant roofing and how it safeguards buildings.

How Do Shingles Mitigate Fire Hazards?

Fiberglass is a typical shingle type for residential roofs. Fiberglass and some cedar shingles have a class-A in fire rating. This doesn’t mean it can’t be set ablaze. A class-A rating means the material will not come apart when exposed to fire. The shingles will not blow off and lead to airborne embers that could cause further spread. Also, it will not fracture under extremely high temperatures or create an opening that can cause the fire to spread to the attic. Continue Reading →