Should You Invest in a Radiant Barrier for Your Roof in Mukilteo?

Radiant BarrierThe roof is a main section to look into when it comes to energy conservation. Apart from the insulation, you can boost energy efficiency by installing a radiant barrier for deflecting heat-rays away from the building. This is an investment that will not only cut down on energy costs but also keep the interior warm during winter.

Why a Radiant Barrier Is a Smart Investment in Mukilteo

The barrier is constructed from reflective material, such as aluminum, which is affixed to strand boards or Kraft paper. The barrier deflects ultra-violet rays. This minimizes the amount of heat buildup in the attic.

In the colder months, a radiant barrier keeps the interior cozy by trapping heat. Think of why a baked potato is baked in tinfoil. The tinfoil traps the heat and keeps it warm.

The good news is that installation is easy and doesn’t require removal of your existing insulation. The roofer simply installs the barrier over the insulation or wraps it over the insulation like a blanket. Also, in contrast to insulation, the barriers don’t have an R-value since they deflect heat and not absorb it. Continue Reading →

Consider Reflective Roofing for Your Home or Business in Mercer Island

Reflective RoofingReflective roofing is increasing in popularity among home and business owners. It’s an investment that’ll pay for itself in the long run. Unfamiliar with this roofing type? We’ll discuss the ins and outs of all there is to know and why it’s an advantageous form of commercial and residential roofing.

Reflective Roofing Is a Money Saver

Roofs absorb heat rays and can reach close to 200 degrees Fahrenheit. In turn, this raises the temperature inside the building, causing the HVAC system to work harder. For commercial buildings, electricity use is billed according to peak time prices. This means if you ramp up AC use in the summer, the rise will be greater than if you were to consume power in the same amount in winter.

We’ve heard some people say that reflective roofing isn’t really necessary in the Mercer Island region; after all, the Pacific Northwest is by no means the hottest area in North America. While this is true, the length of sun exposure in the northern region during spring and summer is more impactful than ambient temperature. Continue Reading →

3-Tab Vs Laminate Shingles: What’s the Difference in Mill Creek?

3-tap vs. laminate shinglesTo the untrained eye, all shingles look indistinguishable and are made from the same material. Shingles are actually quite varied in their visual appearance. In fact, we provide two main shingle styles when replacing or remodeling residential roofs. 3-tab vs. laminate shingles is a common debate and are our two top styles.

3-Tab vs. Laminate Shingles: Two Sturdy Roofing Variants in Mill Creek

3-tab and laminates are two distinct home shingle types. The difference is primarily a visual one, though durability is also a major factor.


3-tab shingles have a uniform look. Every shingle is the same shape, size, and dimension.


Laminates are also referred to as architectural shingles. These are practically your mainstay asphalt shingles. These shingles have greater mass and weight. Additionally, the shingles may also vary in shape and dimension. The result is a homely charm with quite a degree of eye-catching attention. Continue Reading →

How to Clean a Skylight Interior in Seattle

clean a skylightMother Nature gives the skylight exterior a thorough wash every time it rains. You don’t need to scale the roof or climb a ladder with a bucket and towel. The interior portion, though, requires manual cleaning. We suggest that you clean a skylight interior every two to four months. We’ll discuss the optimal method for best results.


Use a simple mix of soap and water. A 50/50 solution will suffice. If you’re cleaning a kitchen skylight, then use a higher ratio of soap, about 70/30 to remove the accumulation of greasy residue.

Refrain from abrasive cleaners or scrubbers that can scratch the plastic skylight or erode the reflective coating. Avoid Windex or other store-bought sprays containing alcohol or petroleum.

You’ll need a mop or squeegee with an elongated handle. Feel free to improvise by duct taping a handheld squeegee to the end of a broom/mop handle or paint roller extension pole. Continue Reading →

How to Select a Shingle Color for Your Roof in Edmonds

shingle colorMost shingles last up to three decades or more. This is why it’s important to be completely certain in your choice of shingle. Remember that the roof also dictates the overall exterior appeal. Apart from the material, you also need to choose a shingle color. Here are some suggestions for a residential roof.

Shingle Color Ideas in Edmonds

Shingle color selection depends heavily on the color of the walls and other exterior components. Avoid colors that closely match the shade of the siding or stone walls. A uniform color scheme creates a dull and monotonous palette scheme.

Choose a shingle color that’s a close match to an existing secondary color. The color of the shutters or window frames are examples of a secondary color. A color combo we like is Antique Brown or Rainforest Green for the shingles and other secondary sections. This provides a good contrast when the walls have a neutral color like egg white. Continue Reading →

The Effects of Ponding Water on a Flat Roof in South Everett

Ponding Water on a Flat RoofPonding water can occur on all roof types. This can lead to multiple issues, ranging from leaks to mold growth. Ponding water on a flat roof is especially commonplace. We’ll discuss why this is so and what you can do to minimize water buildup.

What Causes Ponding Water on a Flat Roof?

Ponding water is defined as a puddle that remains on a roof for more than 48 hours. Ponding is typical on commercial roofs, since these tend to have flat surfaces, unlike residential roofs with a sharp slope.

There are two main culprits of ponding water on a commercial roof: building degradation and deck deflection.

Building Degradation

Flat roofs have multiple layers of hot asphalt, roofing paper, and gravel. The gravel is the outermost layer. This is also the part that withers over the years from UV ray exposure. The eroded gravel leads to a recessed section that enables water accumulation. Continue Reading →

Strengthen Your Commercial Roof with Heat Welded Seams in Lynnwood

Heat Welded SeamsIt’s not always the roofing panels or shingles that eventually wear out. Often, the roofing attachments begin showing signs of wear before the shingles. For residential and commercial roofs, one common treatment is heat welded seams. This method is known for its long-lasting durability and multitude of benefits.

The Advantages of Heat Welded Seams


Heat welded seams can resist strong environmental exposure to heat, cold, high gusts, stormy weather, and UV rays. When damage does occur to other types of attachments, however, welded seams provide a long-term and cost-effective solution. The process is just as viable for repairs as it is for new roof installations.

By contrast, when contractors apply low-quality adhesives, a form of roofing tape needs to be applied over the seams every seven to 10 years. Continue Reading →

Common HVAC Roofing Problems in Mukilteo

HVAC Roofing ProblemsMany facilities and warehouses have the HVAC system installed on the roof. Sure, this means a cool building interior that will keep the staff and customers happy. However, the very presence of the system can also be hazardous for the roof’s structural integrity. Find out what’s responsible for HVAC roof problems and how to prevent them.


Standing water can cause a leak and erode the roofing materials. Most HVAC systems utilize water that heats up and evaporates into the air. However, with a worn unit, the water may pool to the floor instead. The HVAC unit should have a discharge system that redirects water to the gutters.

Human Traffic

HVAC contractors are not roofers; they’re not trained to look out for the roof’s health. The crew can unknowingly damage the roof by haphazardly tossing tools around or stepping in areas not designed for foot traffic. Whenever you bring in an HVAC technician to perform maintenance, it’s a smart move to also bring in a commercial roofer and have the two work together. A roofer may, for instance, install walk pads around the HVAC system to prevent wear and tear from foot traffic while the unit is being serviced. Continue Reading →

The 3 Types of Residential Roof Skylights in Mercer

Roofing Skylight Types │ Mukilteo │ Urbizo Bros RoofingSkylights are a stylish addition to any residence. Not only do they increase visual appeal, but they also enhance energy efficiency. Other advantages include reducing lighting costs and providing natural light in low-lit areas. Residential roofers typically provide and install three roofing skylight variations, each with its own respective characteristics

Fixed Skylights

As you might infer from its name, a fixed skylight is just that: a skylight with a window in a fixed and non-adjustable position. These are great for any room needing more natural lighting. Homeowners also have selections between flat and dome-shaped windows.

Tubular Skylights

Tubular skylights work well in enclosed spaces, such as closets and foyers. The tubular shape of the glass is advantageous in the sense that it doesn’t contribute to either heat loss or gain. Depending on the type of glass or plastic used, the circular shape provides natural lighting equivalent to an incandescent bulb generating 300 to 1450 watts of power. Continue Reading →

Watch Out for Storm Chasers in Mill Creek

urbizo-8The Seattle area isn’t exactly known for strong thunderstorms. Nevertheless, they do occasionally occur. There was, in fact, quite a strong storm in early 2015 that included golf ball-sized hail. In the aftermath of a storm, homeowners need to be aware of unscrupulous storm chasers.

Who Are Storm Chasers?

No, we aren’t referring to the dare-devilish men and women who film storms dangerously up close. “Storm chasers,” in this context, are people who pose as residential roofers and offer to fix your roof at an extremely low fee. They may also provide other services, such as straightening your gutters or restoring damaged siding.

Storm chasers typically prey on a town right after it has been hit by a storm. They may even claim to operate locally and have a local address. What they actually do is purchase the name of a defunct roofing company. Continue Reading →