Common Winter Roofing Problems That Need a Roofing Contractor In Mill Creek

Roofing-Contractor-Mill-CreekAlthough your home’s roofing system could show signs of trouble any time of year, there are a few concerns that are more common during the winter months. When you know what they are, it’s easier to spot them and get help from a skilled roofing contractor before the damage to your home becomes extensive.

Leaks Around Flashing

The thin metal pieces used around your chimney and other important openings in the roof are called flashing, and the extra protection they offer against moisture are key to the integrity of the roofing materials. Anytime there’s a leak that could be from or around the flashing, you need to call a roofer to investigate.

Ice Dams Where The Roof Meets the Gutter

A regular cycle of thawing and freezing of water running off your roof and into your gutters causes problems with water inside your attic. Although the root cause could be clogged gutters that allow water to pool and freeze, it’s the roofed areas that show the most damage. Long icicles are one of the red flags to watch for.

Damaged Shingles

Wind and hail are often the cause of damaged shingles. Even if they’re not completely broken, shingles that are weakened by impact offer less protection. Any time there’s been a hail storm or you find pieces of shingle on the ground around your home, contact a roofer for professional assessment and assistance.

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