What Goes Into the Cost of a New Roof in Edmonds

Cost of a New Roof EdmondsIf you’re in need of a new roof soon, you’re probably considering the best way to manage the expense. Learn more about the cost of a new roof and what goes into calculating the estimate you receive from the roofing contractor. This knowledge will help you better understand the quote you get and choose the best contractor for the job. 

Materials Needed

There are a wide range of roofing materials that need to be purchased, including underlayment. Depending on the quality of the roofing products, your cost of a new roof will go up or down. If you have roof damage that requires repairs to the plywood underneath, you can expect to pay more.

Area to Be Roofed

The size of your roof is another big factor that goes into the estimate you receive. Naturally, a larger square footage will require more materials and labor, so you can expect to pay more if your house is spacious versus compact.

Labor Costs

Installing a new roof isn’t something that can be automated–each shingle needs to be placed and nailed down precisely to ensure effective coverage. Many homeowners expect a new roof to be installed quickly, in just a day, so assigning enough workers to the job is essential for speedy completion. 

Need an Estimate on the Cost of a New Roof in Edmonds?

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Learn More About the Cost of a New Roof in Edmonds So You Can Hire the Best Roofing Contractor for the Job

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