These Are the Most Common Commercial Roofing Problems You Face in Mukilteo

commercial roofing mukilteoIt’s easy for your roof to be low on your list of priorities because it’s not highly visible like the immediate exterior and the interior of your building. However, unchecked roofs could pose a serious problem to the integrity of your building as well as operational, financial and even legal liabilities if something bad happens. It’s worth calling a commercial roofing contractor if your building is experiencing any of these conditions.


A high number of calls roofing contractors receive is because of leaking roofs, and commercial customers are no different. These leaks could be due to weather damage such as hail, improper roof access and usage, or just the normal wear and tear on roofing materials due to age. The most important thing is getting the roof repaired or replaced fast to minimize the spread of the damage.

Standing Water

Whether it’s because of insufficient or blocked drainage, pooling water on your roof is always a serious problem. Not only is it heavy, but it also causes deterioration of your roofing materials, encourages the growth of harmful moss and algae that accelerates roof damage, and may attract pests.

Flawed Installation

If your roof wasn’t installed properly or the roofing materials chosen for the job aren’t quite right for your site, that roof will never offer the reliable protection your structure needs. Materials may be shrinking, buckling, cracking or pulling away from the building, leaving gaps open to water, debris and pests.

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