What to Know About Flat Roof Replacement in Lynnwood

flat roof replacement lynnwoodWhile not as common as other roof types, a flat roof may be found in residential or commercial buildings. If you’re not familiar with this kind of roofing and its characteristics but it’s already installed on a building you’ve purchased, get some questions about flat roof replacement answered here.

Only Certain Roofing Materials Work Well Here

A truly flat roof presents some special challenges, primarily because water usually pools instead of rolling down a sloped roof, which makes it important to take drainage options into account. It’s why EPDM rubber, single-ply TPO or PVC membrane are such common flat roofing materials. They’re great at keeping moisture out and they can last for 20 years or more. A knowledgeable roofer is your best resource for advice.

Your Flat Roof May Have Warranty Coverage

If it’s time for a new roof, explore whether your current one has any warranty coverage. That could make the process of getting one and paying for it much easier. Your warranty may require proof of annual inspections, so gather any paperwork you have from any work that’s been done on the roof since it’s been installed.

Maintenance Matters

When considering your replacement options, ask about the necessary maintenance. It’s wise to commit yourself to getting it inspected regularly. Not only does this keep any warranty in place, but it also reduces the chances that you’ll have problems with drainage and leaks. The source of a leak in a flat roof can be especially difficult to detect. 

Do You Need a Flat Roof Replacement in Lynnwood?

Urbizo Bros. Roofing is your source for quality roofing products and installation services. Our customers get results that not only look great but last for years, so you can hire us with confidence. We specialize in residential roofing and light commercial roofing work. Our other services include roof inspection and roof maintenance. Contact us today for a prompt estimate for flat roof replacement and full details of the warranties we offer.

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