Learn the Benefits of Wood Shake Roof Conversion for Seattle Homes

Wood Shake Roof conversion SeattlePeople love their wood shake roofs because of how attractive they are when first installed, among other reasons. And while they last for several decades, wooden roofs present a few common concerns that often drive homeowners to eventually choose a wood shake roof conversion to asphalt shingles. Here are three things to keep in mind.

Reduce the Risk of Pests

Wood is often a preferred home of choice for insects, and even wood that’s been treated could eventually be affected by bugs. Asphalt shingles are less likely to give bugs a comfortable place to live. Untreated wood not only leaves your roof vulnerable, but those insects can make their way into your home’s attic or crawlspace, too, causing greater damage.

Improve Your Home’s Curb Appeal

Over time, wood shake becomes dingy and weathered. Daily sun exposure makes it fade, too. It makes your home look shabby and unkept, which can hurt your property values. Investing in a new roof can pay for itself if it increases your home value by a greater amount.

Decrease Your Home Insurance Premiums

Wood has the potential to be a fire hazard when it’s used as roofing material, although using treated wood can cut down on the risk. It’s details like this about your home that help your insurance company set its rates for your policy. You may find that if you switch to an asphalt roof, your homeowners’ insurance premiums could decrease.

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