Why Get New Gutters When You Get a New Roof in Edmonds?

new gutters edmondsHiring a roofing contractor to put a new roof on your house is a big investment, but you may not realize it’s also the ideal time to add new gutters to your project. The roof is your home’s primary protection against the elements. And without quality and functional gutters, your roof is in danger of failing as soon as it’s installed. Here’s what to know.

Roofs and Gutters Work Hand-in-Hand

Any precipitation that runs off your roof needs to be directed safely away from your home to minimize water pooling around the foundation or seeping into your basement or crawl space. If your gutters are as old as the roof you’re having removed, chances are they’re beginning to sag, clog or leak. Any of those conditions could allow water into your home through the soffits and fascia. 


Your roofers are already up there and working on your home. If they can handle both the roof and replacement gutters, it saves you the time and money of finding a separate gutter contractor. As a single home improvement project instead of two separate projects, it could also take less time.

Quality Results

Your roofers dedicate themselves to ensuring your home is protected from the elements and they take great care that your new rain gutters are equally well-made and expertly fitted to your home. A gutter contractor may not be as concerned with making sure your roofing materials stay intact, as installed.

Want to Install New Gutters with Your New Roof in Edmonds?

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