The Roof Warranty: Your Questions Answered for South Everett

roof warranty south everettYou can expect your new roof to come with a roof warranty. But you may not be completely familiar with what’s covered. Learn more about what’s typically included and what to be aware of so that you don’t unintentionally void the warranty. Get basic answers to common questions here. 

What’s Covered?

Roofing materials are warrantied by the manufacturer, with coverage usually offered for a set period of time, like 25 years. Your coverage may also include installation because this is often specific to roofing material manufacturer’s requirements. Roofing contractors may provide additional assurances for their labor, although the limits of coverage can vary by the type of roof, roofing materials and other factors.

What Commonly Voids the Warranty?

Anytime work is done on your roof that breaks through the roofing materials, it can void the warranty. Some common causes are improperly installed skylights or satellite dishes. The installation of solar panels is generally not a problem as long as they’re installed by a qualified professional; they are supposed to sit on the roof, not break through it. 

What’s Required to Keep the Warranty?

Manufacturers require homeowners to get the roof inspected annually to keep warranty coverage. This ensures that any problem areas or defects are identified and resolved quickly. It’s wise to keep a copy of any roof inspector’s report to document your inspection, in case you need to use that warranty coverage. 

Do You Still Have Questions About a Roof Warranty in South Everett?

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