Best Reasons to Upgrade to Hail Resistant Shingles in Edmonds

Your roof is your home’s primary defense against the elements. While most shingles are effective at repelling wind and rain, hailstones may be a whole different story. You may have heard about hail resistant shingles; learn more about why they’re a smart upgrade for your home. 

Hail Is Destructive

The force of hail falling on your roof can crack, dent, warp or break tiles, shingles and other roofing materials. Your home is left vulnerable to water damage and pests. Small openings in your roofing material can let in a steady stream of water, leading to wood rot, mold and mildew in your attic. 

Even Small Hail Can Damage Your Roof

Maybe the hail storms that pass through your area don’t seem very strong. However, it doesn’t take large hail to harm your roof. Even hailstones measuring less than one inch in diameter can jeopardize your shingles. And hail damage can be cumulative, too. The hail that hits today may weaken the shingles so the next storm’s hailstones are the ones that crack and break them.

Hail May Void the Warranty On Your Shingles

Typical roof shingle warranties don’t cover damage from weather like hail. That leaves you with costly repairs that you’ll have to pay out of pocket. Instead, consider hail resistant shingles. They’re designed to withstand the impact of hail and last for many decades, giving you a more robust warranty and greater financial security.

Ready to Install Hail Resistant Shingles in Edmonds?

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Gain Peace of Mind with Hail Resistant Shingles for Your Edmonds Home

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