Four Instances That Void a Commercial Roof Warranty in Edmonds

roof warranty, void roof warrantyA roof warranty is similar to insurance. It protects your roof in the event it requires extensive repairs. Warranties are available for both commercial and residential roofs in Edmonds. There are, however, instances that may void the roof warranty. Find out what causes the warranty to become null.

1. Roof Misuse

Some facilities use the roof as an additional floor. Rooftop restaurants and bars, for instance, are not uncommon and are quite popular since they provide a scenic backdrop. However, heavy foot traffic can lead to wear. Warranties typically don’t cover damage from foot traffic, since roofs are not intended to be occupied by people.

2. Work on Rooftop Equipment

One of the reasons commercial roofs are flat is so they can be a staging area for large machinery like HVAC units. HVAC technicians aren’t roofers and may unknowingly cause damage when servicing the system.

To prevent accidental damage, consider arranging for a roofer to work with the HVAC crew. The former will oversee the work and ensure no damage is done to the roof.

3. Hiring Non-Certified Roofers

Most warranties require that repairs be done by a licensed roofing company. Work performed by independent contractors without a license may void the warranty. Even certified contractors may inadvertently void the warranty by using unapproved materials. Always be sure the roofer reviews your warranty contract.

4. Indirect Damage

Another variable is damage that started elsewhere and spreads to the roof. An example is condensation that emanated from the walls. The moisture makes its way to the roof’s insulation and creates an environment for mold growth.

We Prevent Voiding Your Roof Warranty in Edmonds

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