The Benefits of Commercial Roof Skylights in Mercer Island

commercial skylightWe recommend that businesses in Mercer Island install a commercial skylight and treat it as an investment. The obvious advantage is more natural lighting and decreased energy costs. However, there are also secondary benefits as well. This is why most roofers install skylights as part of their additional services.

How Do Commercial Skylights Increase Facility Productivity?

There is research that examines the link between sunlight exposure and work productivity. One study comes from Chicago’s Northwestern University. It compared performance when working in a typical room vs a room with zero windows and only artificial light. The subjects that worked in the typical room with windows received 173% more sunlight exposure. The same group also outperformed the subjects from the windowless room. In addition, the group also scored higher in a quality-of-life survey.

Moreover, a separate study found that employees exposed to more natural light were 18% more productive. Finally, a report published in the American Society of Interior Design revealed that 68% of staff across multiple industries reported a lack of lighting as a work hindrance.

What About Artificial Lighting?

Some employers may be on the fences about modifying their commercial roofs. Instead, they may just add more fluorescent lighting. This isn’t the optimal approach. Most artificial lights strain the eyes. The lights also tend to be dimmer, which can lead to effects like migraines and sleepiness. 

Maximizing Natural Light Is the Key

Light is an essential component of how we see. Installing a skylight is a smart move from both a financial and performance point of view. We recommend skylights even if your building already has ample windows.

Invest in a Commercial Skylight for Your Mercer Island Office

A commercial skylight is a major building upgrade with significant secondary advantages. Our residential roofers install skylights for homes as well. In any case, contact Urbizo Roofing to get started.

Commercial Skylight Installation in Mercer Island

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Posted on August 21, 2022 | Published by Ignite Local | Related Local Business