Should You Invest in a White Roof in Lynnwood?

white roof, cool roofYou may want to consider the installation of a white roof, also known as a cool roof. What does this roof type entail and why might it be advantageous for commercial roofs? Learn all about this form of roofing and whether it’s right for your establishment.

What Is a White Roof in Lynnwood?

A white roof is a roof with white panels, making its name kind of self-explanatory. The purpose, though, is that it’s more energy efficient and more effective at deflecting heat versus darker-colored panels. Think about it: why is it generally considered a bad idea to wear black clothing on a hot day? Dark colors absorb more heat. The same applies to roofing panels. The more heat the panels absorb the more heat is transferred into the interior. It stands to reason then that lighter roof colors absorb less heat.

According to research from the Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory, white roofs slash energy use by 20% on a sunny day. In high-density urban areas, white roofs have the benefit of lowering overall temperature. This is advantageous due to the heat absorbed by paved roads, which makes temperatures hotter at ground level.

The Drawback of White Roofs

White roofs, unfortunately, may not be as environmentally-friendly as one might think. A Stanford University study reveals the roof may actually lead to warmer temperatures in the long run. Researchers in the study believe the roof reduces the vertical transport of moisture into the atmosphere. This reduces cloud coverage, leading to less rain and an increase in drought.

With the pros and cons in mind, we recommend that you discuss this over with your roofer before committing to this type of construction for your commercial or residential roof.

We Provide Modern Energy Efficient Roofing

For Lynnwood facilities, we install bitumen roofing. Our other services include options for greater energy efficiency. Give Urbizo Bros Roofing a call for a consultation to determine the best roofing options, whether that includes a white roof or other types.

White Roof Installation in Lynnwood

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