Four Common Warm Weather Roofing Stressors in Mukilteo

warm weather roofing stressorsSummer is in full swing; with it comes peak-high temperatures. The heat can be just as taxing on commercial and residential roofs. Here are some warm weather roofing stressors that erode roof health and longevity.

1. UV Rays

Constant UV ray exposure can cause shingles to dry out and eventually crack. Cracked shingles may also begin to peel in the corners. The edges may start to curl, creating openings for water to seep in.

2. Humidity

Mukilteo isn’t the most humid region in the country. Even so, summer does mean increased humidity. When the roof’s surface temperature is lower than the air around it, condensation takes place. This is why it’s important that roofs have soffit or ridge vents to maximize circulation. Our additional services include vent installation and replacement.

3. Wind and Rain

Summer isn’t just hot weather all day long. The season also has occasional high gusts and rain. This can lead to shingle damage and insulation problems. If the gutters aren’t to par, this can lead to water ponding.

4. Moss Growth

Moss grows in warm and humid environments. This can lead to moss proliferating on the roof. Moss itself isn’t dangerous. However, it does cause damage indirectly. Moss accrues moisture, which transfers to the shingles. If there are openings, water can get through. To sufficiently remove moss, you’ll need to use a pressure washer. This should be done by a professional. Incorrect pressure washer settings can damage the roof.

We Address Issues Caused by Warm Weather Roofing Stressors in Mukilteo

The warm weather roofing stressors are legitimate concerns that can cause long-term damage to residential and commercial roofs alike. To ensure your roof can withstand high temperatures, contact Urbizo Bros Roofing to schedule an inspection.

Warm Weather Roofing Stressors in Mukilteo

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