Open Valley Roof Vs. Closed Valley Roof: Know the Difference in Seattle

open valley roof, closed valley roofInstalling a new residential roof? Maybe you need repairs to an existing one. The contractor may ask about the type of roof you want. The two primary choices are an open valley roof and closed valley roof. Most homeowners probably don’t know the difference and are unfamiliar with these terms. Learn about these two roof types and how they contrast.

What Is a Roof Valley?

First, let’s explain what a roof valley is. In a typical home with a sloped roof, the valley is the section where the flat area meets with the sloped area to form a V-shape. This part usually contains flashing to offset leaks.

Open Valley

In an open valley, the valley area is fortified by a metal or aluminum strip. Some styles may also include a water and ice shield to further protect against ponding water. The intersection point, however, is open and lacks the outermost roofing material.

Closed Valley

With an understanding of an open valley, it’s not hard to guess what a closed valley entails. It’s similar to an open valley roof, but the V-shape intersection point has shingles directly over the area. This provides a more seamless appearance where the flat and sloped areas meld together. The shingles themselves act as a barrier against water.

Which Is Better?

Some installers believe closed valleys are better. The reasoning is that the metal stripping in an open valley roof doesn’t always perfectly seal off openings, making leaks more likely. However, as long as the metal strip flashing is installed to standards, this should be a non-issue. Some homeowners also believe closed valley roofs provide a higher visual charm, though this is really subjective. 

We Do Open Valley Roof and Closed Valley Roof Construction in Seattle

Need repairs or a new installation? We help you decide between an open valley roof and closed valley roof construction. Contact Urbizo Bros Roofing today for a consultation. The valley is an essential roof component. The same applies to commercial roofs with a residential roof design. Our additional services cover add-ons like skylights and gutters.

Open Valley Roof and Closed Valley Roof Repairs in Seattle

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