Does Your Commercial Roof Need an Access Hatch Near Everett?

Access hatchYou don’t see an access hatch on residential roofs, yet they’re quite common for commercial roofs. Business facilities require more frequent roofing maintenance in order to meet building code guidelines. A hatch provides convenient access for roofers.

Considerations for an Access Hatch

First, you need to determine an appropriate hatch size. Do you plan on using the hatch as an entrance for personnel, or do you also plan on transporting large equipment? The latter is often the case if your roof contains an industrial HVAC unit.

A hatch also needs a built-in ladder or stairs. For smaller single-cover hatches, a fixed ladder is good enough. For larger hatches and getting large equipment through, the roofer may need to install ship stairs.

Types and Varieties

There are multiple styles of hatches. Here are some of the common varieties:

Steel Roof Hatch

This is a durable hatch constructed from heavy-duty steel. It’s fortified with zinc coating to fight off rust and corrosion.

Aluminum Floor Hatches

This is another great selection. It has a diamond-plated surface door to withstand foot traffic from utility workers. Contractors may also upgrade the hatch with padding to limit noise transfer.

Recessed Floor Hatch

This style enables installers to install a piece of flooring over the door so it blends with the surrounding floor surface. This includes typical flooring materials, such as tile, stone, and concrete.

Need an Access Hatch for Your Everett Business?

Contact Urbizo Bros Roofing for commercial roofing maintenance. We install and repair hatches as part of our additional services. Our contractors can recommend an access hatch type if you’re interested in an installation. We can also retrofit an existing one if the hatch is outdated or badly worn.

Commercial Access Hatch Installation Near Everett

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