Roofing Membrane Parameters for a Commercial Roof Near Mukilteo

roof membrane parametersCommercial roofing mainly comes in the form of flat roofs. However, the roof membrane underneath can come in a variety of styles and strengths. Here are some of the roof membrane parameters. The contractor will determine the best parameters, though it’s useful information to know the classifications that make up the membrane.

Breaking Strength

Most installers mechanically secure membranes to the roof’s deck. Breaking strength assesses the membrane’s ability to stay intact when exposed to high winds and other strong forces.

Tearing Strength

Tearing strength isn’t a whole lot different from breaking strength. The former measures the needed strength to rip a membrane from the edges. Breaking strength, on the other hand, assesses the force from pulling at the ends of the membrane in opposite directions.

Puncture Resistance

This is self-explanatory. This measures the ability to withstand forces that can lead to holes that, in turn, lead to leaks and loss in insulation.


A membrane that’s flexible is able to expand and contract in response to temperature and humidity fluctuations. Buildings do the same as they settle. Essentially, roof membranes need to have the right amount of stretchability.

Seam Strength

The seams are typically the weakest point of a membrane. High-quality membranes should have seams that are just as durable or nearly as durable as the rest of the material.

Weathering Package

Some manufacturers treat the membranes with a weathering package. This protects the surface against elemental exposure. Generally, the thicker the membrane the higher the degree of treatment.

We Address all Roof Membrane Parameters Near Mukilteo

These roof membrane parameters are essential for both commercial and residential roofing. Contact Urbizo Bros Roofing for an inspection to ensure the roof is on par with building code standards.  The roof membrane is essential for roof longevity. We also provide additional services for further roof fortification.

Establishing Roof Membrane Parameters Near Mukilteo

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