Is Solar Panel Roof Damage Possible Near Lynnwood?

solar panel roof damageSolar panel installation is a common New Year’s resolution around Lynnwood. This is a terrific investment that’ll reduce your carbon footprint while also cutting down on energy costs. However, possible solar panel roof damage may weigh on the minds of some homeowners. Is this something you should be concerned about?

How Solar Panel Roof Damage May Occur Near Lynnwood

As long as solar panels are installed correctly, the roof won’t incur any damage. Some homeowners, however, are concerned the panels themselves may be an issue, as their weight may stress the roof. Modern solar panels are constructed from silicon, anti-reflective coating, and metal mounting hardware. The average weight of the individual panels is about four pounds per square foot. Unless the roof is badly outdated and in disrepair, this weight shouldn’t be an issue for the conventional residential roof.

Solar Panel Fires

Solar panels absorb heat; does this make them a fire risk? Solar panels are not a fire liability since they actually shield the roof from the heat by providing a barrier between the shingles and sunrays. Modern panels are also subjected to rigorous fire and electrical safety assessments before being approved for residential and commercial applications.

What About the Warranty?

Some homeowners are concerned that solar panel installation may void the shingles’ warranty. The panels are mounted from underneath the roof and not directly over the shingles. This does not affect the shingles in any way, so the warranty should still be in good standing. Nevertheless, it’s a good idea to review the warranty terms and conditions beforehand.

Inspect the Roof Before Solar Panel Installation

Solar panels are applicable on most roof types, including commercial roofs, provided that the roof is up to building codes. Contact Urbizo Bros Roofing for a pre-solar panel installation evaluation. Our services include roof structural surveys. This ensures solar panel roof damage is a non-issue.

Solar Panel Roof Damage Evaluation Near Lynnwood

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