Roof Repair or Recover: Which Is Right for Your Commercial Property Near Mercer Island?

roof repair or recover

As durable as commercial roofs are near Mercer Island, they do require periodic maintenance every few years. If the roof does indeed require additional work, then the roofer may recommend either roof repair or recover. Learn the difference between the two.

Roof Repair and Recover Explained

A roof repair is quite self-explanatory. However, most people aren’t familiar with roof recovery. Here’s how repair and recovery differ.

Roof Repair

A roof repair is done to fix minor issues, and the roof for the most part is still in fairly good condition. With roof repair, the membrane itself is still in decent shape and within its life expectancy. Repairs include minor touchups like replacing a few peeling shingles or sealing exposed flashing.

Roof Recover

What is a “recover”? With recovery, a new roof membrane is installed over the existing one. This is typically done when the membrane is worn but the insulation is still in relatively healthy shape. Roof recovery, however, can only be done once. With recovery, your roof may also be eligible for new warranty programs. Recovery is also beneficial for enhancing insulation during wintertime.

What About a Replacement?

When does the commercial roof need to be replaced entirely? A roof typically needs to be replaced when a roofer performs a full inspection and estimates roughly 25% or more of the roof is damaged. Roofs may also require replacement if the insulation is terribly worn or outdated. The above applies equally to residential roofs.

We Perform Roof Repair and Recover Near Mercer Island

All commercial roofs require periodic evaluations. Get in touch with Urbizo Bros Roofing for a professional inspection. An assessment will determine whether a roof repair or recover is in order. Our diverse range of service covers both commercial and residential roofs.

Roof Repair and Recover Near Mercer island

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