Understanding Fire-Resistant Roofing Near Mill Creek

Fire-Resistant RoofingThe majority of roofing materials are fire-resistant. We must stress that being fire-resistant does NOT mean fire-proof. Roofs are capable of catching on fire. We’ll discuss the meaning of fire-resistant roofing and how it safeguards buildings.

How Do Shingles Mitigate Fire Hazards?

Fiberglass is a typical shingle type for residential roofs. Fiberglass and some cedar shingles have a class-A in fire rating. This doesn’t mean it can’t be set ablaze. A class-A rating means the material will not come apart when exposed to fire. The shingles will not blow off and lead to airborne embers that could cause further spread. Also, it will not fracture under extremely high temperatures or create an opening that can cause the fire to spread to the attic.

Homeowners, though, still need to be vigilant on their end to keep fires from compounding. This includes trimming tree branches that are near the home and could cause a secondary spread.

Bitumen Roofing

Fires can also originate on a roof during construction. This is particularly true of commercial roofs. This usually stems from unlicensed contractors not following safety protocol when using a torch or even smoking on the job.

Some recent incidents include a widespread roof fire at a Chicago mall. Another involved a blaze at an Arizona construction zone. These scenarios all stemmed from uncertified roofers who ignored industry safety practices while installing a torch-down roof. Improper procedures can cause materials in the insulation to overheat and burst into flames. This is a really common mishap in the summer where the high temperatures elevate the odds of an ignition.

We Install Fire-Resistant Roofing Near Mill Creek

Urbizo Bros Roofing and its team abide by the strictest work procedures. Browse our gallery to have a look at some of our completed works. Fire-resistant roofing is a useful construction implementation for ensuring building fortification and integrity.

Fire-Resistant Roofing Installation Near Mill Creek

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