What Should You Look for in a Reroof Proposal in Everett?

reroof proposalA reroof proposal is a fancier way to refer to a contract. When you hire a professional, the contractor will write up a proposal covering the provisions of the agreed-upon service. We recommend that homeowners look over the contract diligently because it reveals a lot of information that you may not be aware of.

Basic Contract Provisions

Some companies use a standardized template and fill in a few blanks that describe the project in very general and vague terms. Some even supply a hastily hand-written note that only includes a list of materials and the total cost. This is a red flag that the contractor may fall short of industry standards.

A legit contractor will draft a highly detailed proposal for all residential and commercial roof work. A contractor also only drafts a proposal after evaluating the roof. Be cautious of roofers that draft a contract without actually getting on the roof and performing an inspection close-up.

Provisions in a Reroof Proposal in Everett

Proposals vary depending on the complexity and length of the project, but should have the following:

  • Parts list (e.g. shingle, flashing, siding, roof membrane, and underlayment)
  • A cost breakdown of parts, labor, permits, debris removal, etc.
  • Warranty information
  • Liability insurance and workman’s compensation details
  • Start date and estimated time of completion
  • Provisions for add-ons or order changes should the client require additional repair work
  • A lien release; this shields you from liability should the roofer neglect to make payments to suppliers and/or subcontractors
  • Termination clause that describes the conditions in which the client or contractor can nullify the agreement

We Draft Detailed Proposals

Urbizo Bros Roofing is dedicated to transparency, which is why all of our roofing and other services come with a comprehensive contract. We’re happy to answer any inquiries before beginning a project. Our reroof proposal, however, will contain most of the answers to your questions.

Comprehensive Reroof Proposal in Everett

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