Algae Vs. Mold Growth on Your Roof in Edmonds

Algae and Mold GrowthDo you see dark-colored streaks across your roof? Are those streaks an indicator of algae and mold growth? Are the two hazardous for the roof? We’ll discuss the difference between algae and mold, and potential treatment options.

Algae and Mold: The Difference

Algae is a moss-like plant that proliferates under sunshine and damp conditions. It spreads via airborne spores and is commonplace among residential roofs constructed from asphalt shingles. Between algae and mold, the former is way more common and that’s a good thing. While roof algae can be an eyesore, it’s not harmful, nor does it cause any form of long-term damage.

Mold, by contrast, is far more worthy of concern. Black mold is particularly dangerous as it emits toxins that can induce respiratory issues, migraines, and wheezing.

How to Know the Difference 

Both algae and mold appear as blackish streaks, so a visual examination from floor level isn’t sufficient. Mold grows when there’s a lack of ventilation and a lot of moisture. Examine the attic and crawl spaces for mold. If everything looks fine, and streaks manifest just on the roof, then it’s likely only harmless algae.

Treatment for Roof Algae and Mold Growth in Edmonds

Treatment methodologies for both mold and algae are relatively the same. Prevention is the best measure; we suggest routine pressure washing for the roof. This should be performed by a contractor. Using more pressure than necessary can damage the shingles, and not using enough only amounts to a surface-level wash.

We Remove Algae and Mold

Both home and commercial roofs are vulnerable to algae and mold. Urbizo Bros Roofing can restore roofs of all types. We also provide additional services, such as gutter installation, which prevents water from building up and producing the moist conditions conducive for algae and mold growth.

Roof Restoration from Mold and Algae Growth in Edmonds

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