Do You Need Walk Pads for Your Commercial Roof in Lynnwood?

walk padsWe highly recommend walk pads for commercial roofs with HVAC systems and other appliances requiring periodic maintenance. If the roof lacks pads, then consider this inexpensive addition. The investment will extend the roof’s life and offset unnecessary damage.

What Are Walk Pads?

Walk pads come in rolls and are constructed from materials identical to the roof. We install them as part of our additional roof service. The pads act as a stepping surface for maintenance contractors and a spot to set their tools. Without them, workers may inadvertently cause punctures or tears to the roof’s membrane with their hard-soled footwear or sharp tools.

Roof contractors know to use the pads to safeguard the roof during their inspection. However, other types of workers, such as HVAC installers, solar panel technicians, and cable satellite employees may not be aware. To them, the roof is no different than a sidewalk, and they’ll leave their tools in any random spot with no second thought to the roof’s welfare.

Installation Done the Right Way

The pads need to be installed by a professional. We don’t advise covering the whole roof area in pads. That’s too pricey, and this will also have a negative impact on water runoff.

We suggest installing pads that lead to a direct route from point A to point B. The pads are like stepping stones in a yard that direct people to walk that path and not trample over the delicate grassy turf.

In some cases, we may advise installing high-density cover boards in place of pads. Cover boards also minimize punctures and are a good fit for commercial roofs with multiple HVAC units and other serviceable appliances.

We’ll Modify Your Lynnwood Roof with Walk Pads

Contact Urbizo Bros Roofing to upgrade your roof with Walk Pads. We strongly recommend them for commercial and even some residential roofs to protect the membrane from foot traffic.

Walk Pads for Commercial Roofs in Lynnwood

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