Should You Invest in a Radiant Barrier for Your Roof in Mukilteo?

Radiant BarrierThe roof is a main section to look into when it comes to energy conservation. Apart from the insulation, you can boost energy efficiency by installing a radiant barrier for deflecting heat-rays away from the building. This is an investment that will not only cut down on energy costs but also keep the interior warm during winter.

Why a Radiant Barrier Is a Smart Investment in Mukilteo

The barrier is constructed from reflective material, such as aluminum, which is affixed to strand boards or Kraft paper. The barrier deflects ultra-violet rays. This minimizes the amount of heat buildup in the attic.

In the colder months, a radiant barrier keeps the interior cozy by trapping heat. Think of why a baked potato is baked in tinfoil. The tinfoil traps the heat and keeps it warm.

The good news is that installation is easy and doesn’t require removal of your existing insulation. The roofer simply installs the barrier over the insulation or wraps it over the insulation like a blanket. Also, in contrast to insulation, the barriers don’t have an R-value since they deflect heat and not absorb it.

The Studies

Various laboratory testing facilities—including the Florida Solar Energy Center, University of Mississippi, and the Tennessee Valley Authority—have placed radiant barriers under major testing.

Northeastern Illinois University performed special winter testing. The outcome revealed that the barrier minimized heat transfer in home and commercial roofs. Furthermore, radiant barriers have also been shown to lower summer ceiling heat gains by 16% to 42%.

We Perform the Installation

Contact Urbizo Bros Roofing to upgrade your insulation with a radiant barrier. This is among our side services apart from our core roofing repair and installation. A radiant barrier is an excellent home and business investment that will prove to be an energy-saver.

Roof Insulation & Radiant Barrier Installation in Mukilteo

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