Consider Reflective Roofing for Your Home or Business in Mercer Island

Reflective RoofingReflective roofing is increasing in popularity among home and business owners. It’s an investment that’ll pay for itself in the long run. Unfamiliar with this roofing type? We’ll discuss the ins and outs of all there is to know and why it’s an advantageous form of commercial and residential roofing.

Reflective Roofing Is a Money Saver

Roofs absorb heat rays and can reach close to 200 degrees Fahrenheit. In turn, this raises the temperature inside the building, causing the HVAC system to work harder. For commercial buildings, electricity use is billed according to peak time prices. This means if you ramp up AC use in the summer, the rise will be greater than if you were to consume power in the same amount in winter.

We’ve heard some people say that reflective roofing isn’t really necessary in the Mercer Island region; after all, the Pacific Northwest is by no means the hottest area in North America. While this is true, the length of sun exposure in the northern region during spring and summer is more impactful than ambient temperature.

It Lasts Longer

Ultraviolet radiation causes the oxygen’s free molecules to mix with heated hydrocarbons in roofing shingles and panels. This leads to a molecular breakdown that results in deterioration. The roof surface may also slowly lose its waterproofing capabilities.

It’s Traffic-Friendly

Some businesses, such as restaurants and cafes, may opt for a rooftop section for patrons. The roof temperature can reach triple digits and create unbearable conditions for human use. A reflective roof significantly reduces temperatures, making it more tolerable for customers and staff members alike.

We Install Reflective Roofing in Mercer Island

If you’re seeking a long-term investment that’ll cut down on utility costs and boost comfort, give Urbizo Bros Roofing a call. With spring here, now is the time to make the investment so that the roof is ready when summer comes around. Our services include reflective roofing coatings for various roofing styles.

Roof Reflective Coating for Residential & Commercial Roofs in Mercer Island

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