3-Tab Vs Laminate Shingles: What’s the Difference in Mill Creek?

3-tap vs. laminate shinglesTo the untrained eye, all shingles look indistinguishable and are made from the same material. Shingles are actually quite varied in their visual appearance. In fact, we provide two main shingle styles when replacing or remodeling residential roofs. 3-tab vs. laminate shingles is a common debate and are our two top styles.

3-Tab vs. Laminate Shingles: Two Sturdy Roofing Variants in Mill Creek

3-tab and laminates are two distinct home shingle types. The difference is primarily a visual one, though durability is also a major factor.


3-tab shingles have a uniform look. Every shingle is the same shape, size, and dimension.


Laminates are also referred to as architectural shingles. These are practically your mainstay asphalt shingles. These shingles have greater mass and weight. Additionally, the shingles may also vary in shape and dimension. The result is a homely charm with quite a degree of eye-catching attention.

Which One Is Better?

More residents gravitate towards the dimensional visual of laminate shingles. Laminates are also more durable due to their heavier composition. This makes them more resistant to warping, and it also boosts wind resistance. Laminates have wind resistance ratings for 80 to 120 mph winds, compared to 3-tab shingles that have a 60 mph rating.

3-tab shingles, however, are more affordable and about 20-30% cheaper on average than laminates. This is definitely the more budget-friendly selection for homeowners on a tighter spending restriction.

We Install Multiple Shingle Styles

Having your roof remodeled? Call Urbizo Bros Roofing for repairs and new installations. Shingles, by the way, are also viable for some types of commercial roofing. 3-tab and laminate shingles are both wonderful styles for a multitude of home projects around Mill Creek.

3-Tab vs. Laminate Shingles: We Help You Decide in Mill Creek

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