How to Clean a Skylight Interior in Seattle

clean a skylightMother Nature gives the skylight exterior a thorough wash every time it rains. You don’t need to scale the roof or climb a ladder with a bucket and towel. The interior portion, though, requires manual cleaning. We suggest that you clean a skylight interior every two to four months. We’ll discuss the optimal method for best results.


Use a simple mix of soap and water. A 50/50 solution will suffice. If you’re cleaning a kitchen skylight, then use a higher ratio of soap, about 70/30 to remove the accumulation of greasy residue.

Refrain from abrasive cleaners or scrubbers that can scratch the plastic skylight or erode the reflective coating. Avoid Windex or other store-bought sprays containing alcohol or petroleum.

You’ll need a mop or squeegee with an elongated handle. Feel free to improvise by duct taping a handheld squeegee to the end of a broom/mop handle or paint roller extension pole.

Clean a Skylight Interior the Seattle Way

Start by moving any items directly below the skylight. Second, place a large plastic sheet or towels to absorb the dripping soap water. Wipe from the top point and move downwards. There’s no need to move in a circular wax-on-wax-off motion.

Continue by wrapping a microfiber or cotton cloth over the mop or squeegee and wipe until the surface is completely dry.

While cleaning the skylight, you should also check the piece for cracks or chips to the plastic/glass or degraded caulking along the sides.

Don’t Have a Skylight?

Obviously, you require a skylight on your property in order to clean it. Urbizo Bros Roofing performs skylight installations for home and commercial roofs as part of its additional services. It’s an investment with both visual and functional value. Cleaning a skylight interior will boost its aesthetics and allow in more sunlight.

Properly Clean a Skylight in Seattle

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