How to Select a Shingle Color for Your Roof in Edmonds

shingle colorMost shingles last up to three decades or more. This is why it’s important to be completely certain in your choice of shingle. Remember that the roof also dictates the overall exterior appeal. Apart from the material, you also need to choose a shingle color. Here are some suggestions for a residential roof.

Shingle Color Ideas in Edmonds

Shingle color selection depends heavily on the color of the walls and other exterior components. Avoid colors that closely match the shade of the siding or stone walls. A uniform color scheme creates a dull and monotonous palette scheme.

Choose a shingle color that’s a close match to an existing secondary color. The color of the shutters or window frames are examples of a secondary color. A color combo we like is Antique Brown or Rainforest Green for the shingles and other secondary sections. This provides a good contrast when the walls have a neutral color like egg white.

Some homeowners may want a more pronounced contrast. If so, a color like Midnight Black will suffice nicely for exteriors with mainly light neutral shades.

As a general rule, if the exterior already has at least three colors (i.e. grey siding with teal shutters and silver gutters), then go with a toned-down hue like beige. Excessive color variations on an exterior can be overwhelming to the eyes.

You can browse our gallery to see some shingle color samples and how they add to the overall backdrop.

We Provide Shingles of all Colors and Sizes

Contact Urbizo Bros Roofing if you’re contemplating a roof renovation or having it replaced altogether. Though perhaps not applicable for commercial roofing, you may be able to choose a roof color for your facility. For homeowners, however, shingle color matters because it directly impacts the property’s visual charm.

Wide Spectrum of Shingle Color Selection in Edmonds

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