Why the Shingles’ Wind Rating Matters

urbizo-5If you live in or around Mukilteo, then you know the region is prone to high winds every now and then. This is why the shingle wind rating matters. Unfortunately, it’s also one of the most overlooked aspects by homeowners. A qualified residential roofer, though, can assist you with the right decision.

Shingle Wind Rating Explained

The ratings indicate the level of wind gust a shingle can withstand. A shingle’s rating is mostly determined by two factors: the material and number of fasteners used.

Shingle Material – Always look at what the shingles are constructed from. 3-tab shingles, for instance, have a wind rating of 60-90 mph. Similarly, laminate/composition shingles are a bit sturdier with a rating of 110-130 mph. Finally, presidential-style shingles, which we highly recommend, have a 130 mph rating. This is more than enough to withstand the occasional high winds of the Pacific Northwest.

Number of Fasteners – The number of nails used is also a deciding factor. Laminate/composition shingles with four to five fasteners will typically have a 110 mph rating. The rating is upgraded to 130 mph if six fasteners are used. By fasteners, we mean nails and not staples. Securing shingles with staples, in fact, will most certainly void the manufacturer’s wind rating warranty.

Your geographical location also determines the wind rating level. The Seattle area isn’t exactly the most wind-prone city. Nevertheless, it does occasionally get some strong gusts that may pry a few shingles loose especially if they’re not fastened the right way. This is why all re-roofing should be done by a qualified roofer.

We Install New Shingles and Keep Them Secure

Give Urbizo Bros Roofing a call for residential or commercial roofing installation. We also provide other services like leak inspections and gutter replacement if you’re looking for a total roof renovation. Shingle wind rating is essential for long-term durability and is something our experienced team will prioritize when evaluating your house.

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