Winterizing Your Roof: How to Prepare Your Roof Snow

winterizing roof, winter roofIt doesn’t always snow in the Pacific Northwest. However, when it does, the snow can be problematic for residential and commercial roofs with existing structural problems. This makes winterizing your roof all the more important if you anticipate a significant snowfall.

How Snow Affects the Roof

Snow can damage a roof in several ways. The first is the sheer weight of the icy fluff. Snow may appear light to the touch, but one inch of accumulation per square-foot equals about one-pound in weight. This can quickly add up and stress the roof. A roof weakened by lack of care can collapse under the weight.

Another issue is ice dams. When you fire up the furnace, the heat rises, warming the roof and causing the snow to melt. The melted snow drips down the slope where it collects on the roof edge and forms into ice dams. This can lead to blockages in the gutter or to moisture seeping through penetrations in the shingles. Melted snow can also leak through the flashing around the skylight.

How to Winterize Your Roof

Be sure the gutters are clear and the downspout is pointed directly away from the home. This will prevent the formation of harmful ice dams. Preventive measures also include a heating mat installation that accelerates the melting of snow and ice.

Once the snow arrives, use a telescoping snow rake to remove as much of the snow as you can. Do not get on an icy rooftop. Instead, leave the rest of the maintenance to a professional roofer. Possible remediations include a roof coating, which is useful for preventing the shingle and membrane from becoming too brittle.

Leave Winterizing the Roof to Us

Our additional services include roof fortification to prevent leaks. We do this for both residential and commercial roofs. Give Urbizo Bros Roofing a call today. Winterizing your roof protects your home from the effects of the elements.

Residential and Commercial Roof Winterization

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