Townhouse Roof Repair: Does the Homeowner’s Association (HOA) Foot the Bill?

townhouse roof repair, roof repair, HOA roof repairA lot of townhouses line the streets of neighborhoods in and around the Mukilteo area. These residences are often a part of a gated community and belong to a homeowner’s association (HOA). With that in mind, we’ll consider the question: Does the HOA cover townhouse roof repairs, or are you stuck with the bill?

The HOA’s Responsibility

Townhouse and condo owners pay a monthly fee to their HOA. This covers the cost of community maintenance, such as lawn care and upkeep of recreational areas. In some instances, the fees may also include roof repairs of individual residences. Every HOA has its own regulations, so read the fine print of your contract.

Townhouses Vs Condos

A distinction should be made between townhouses and condos. The latter consists of multiple homes physically adjoined together. Homeowners own the interior of the condo but not the outer portion or the surrounding land. The HOA fees for a condo community usually include master liability insurance not unlike that of a conventional home insurance policy. This often includes roof repairs. As such, condo HOA fees tend to be higher. In addition, you may also require permission to make certain roof upgrades, such as changing shingle type or colors.

A townhouse, by contrast, is a single-unit home. You own the entire building and the plot of land. The HOA fees go toward public areas, such as the parking lot, swimming pool, and other areas shared by the greater community. It typically does not cover individual home repairs. As we mentioned, though, every HOA guideline is different; there are exceptions, so always read the fine print.

We do Townhouse Roof Repairs

Aside from commercial roof repairs, we also do repairs for homes located in HOA-run communities. We often do repairs and other services for both townhouses and condos, whether the HOA covers the cost or not. Call Urbizo Bros Roofing if you require townhouse roof repair.

Townhouse and Condo Roof Repair

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