Ceiling Leak Around a Light Fixture: Why This Is More Dangerous Than You Might Think

ceiling leak, light fixtureA ceiling leak is usually, though not always, caused by an opening in the roof. This can be dangerous, especially if the water gets close to the ceiling lights. A ceiling leak around a light fixture is a major safety hazard and warrants your immediate attention.

Why Do I Have a Ceiling Leak?

First, let’s explore the causes of a ceiling leak. As mentioned, this is usually due to a hole in the roof. You will need to consult with a residential roofer. This happens when a shingle peels away and a puncture occurs in the underlying roof membrane.

The water may also be from a plumbing leak. If the leaky water appears dirty, then it’s probably rainwater that entered through a compromised roof. If the water is clear, then it’s probably a plumbing issue. Phone your local plumber to pinpoint the burst pipe.

The Dangers of a Ceiling Leak Around a Light Fixture

Water and electric fixtures are a dangerous combination with the risk of injury and death from electrocution. Minerals from the water can transfer the electrical currents from the fixture to the wiring located at ground level. In addition, wiring exposed to water for prolonged periods is at risk of developing mold and corrosion. This increases risk of a fire or electrical short.

Electrocution and fire risks aren’t the only potential hazards. Water softens and drastically weakens the ceiling’s structural integrity, creating the risk of a ceiling collapse. This possibility is magnified if the ceiling also has to support the weight of a light fixture.

We Stop Roof Leaks

Call Urbizo Bros Roofing if you suspect a leak in your residential or commercial roof. Our gallery showcases new and restored roofs. A ceiling leak around a light fixture carries serious risk that should never be shrugged off.

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