Common Roof Problem Areas That Homeowners Need to Inspect

roof problem, roof problem areasThe roof is far more than just a grid of shingles. The shingles are just the outermost surface that’s visible. Other components are actually more prone to damage. We identify these common roof problem areas and why they could deteriorate because of their exposure to the weather.

1. Roof Flashing

The flashing is the steel or copper component that seals the edges of the roof and the holes caused by various kinds of vents. It’s a vital component in both residential and commercial roofs. The flashing, though, can deteriorate due to weather and oxidization. Periodically inspect the seams around the chimney, the vents, the dormer, and the roof valley where two slopes meet. Damaged flashing may be visibly warped or peeling away.

2. Roof Fascia

The fascia is a wood board that connects to the rafters and parallels the roof line. It has the all-important job of preventing water and pest penetration. This area can begin to rot due to damp weather conditions. In turn, this can affect the soffit vents.

3. Soffit

We just mentioned the soffit, though it deserves a section of its own. The soffit provides ventilation and draws heat and moisture away from the attic. Over time, this component can crack and leave gaping holes.

4. Gutters

The gutter is the one area where homeowners can perform DIY work. Common issues stem from blockage due to excess debris. After a storm, get on a ladder and remove debris from the gutter by hand. Aside from blockage, the weight of the debris can also cause the gutter to sag or separate from the wall.

We Identify Common Roof Area Problems

While you should regularly “eyeball” the roof for signs of wear, only a professional inspection can confirm damage. Give Urbizo Bros Roofing a call today; our services include leak detection, among others. Common roof problem areas require vigilance to prevent major damage.

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