Tapered Roofing: A Beginner’s Guide

tapered roofingTapered roofing is a mainstay in many commercial roofing applications and even in some residential homes. Here are some basic information about tapered systems, insulation, and why the design is necessary for roof longevity.

What Is Tapered Roofing?

Tapered roofing is a form of low-slope roofing. Contrary to popular perception, commercial roofs aren’t actually flat. They are sloped, just very slightly at a quarter-of-an-inch slope per foot. This is necessary for preventing pooling water after heavy rainfall. This gentle taper is vitally important because 40% of all roofing problems stem from water intrusion. Tapered roofing is not only beneficial but also mandated under the International Building Code.

Sloping Options

Many tapered roofing patterns are available. The chosen design depends on multiple variables, such as the roof’s total square footage, existing drainage systems, etc. The most common designs include the following:

  • Two-Way Slope: the roof is divided into two sections with two high points from which water can drain.
  • Three-Way Slope: The roof has three main slopes, all leading to one main drainage point on the roof’s edge.
  • Four-Way Slope: Four surfaces lead to a single drain.
  • Shed Roof: This is a traditional roofing structure with a single high point leading to a low point. This leads the water to a single drainage point.

Tapered Roofing Benefits

Tapered roofing has some clear advantages beyond its ability to divert water. First, the panels are lightweight, making installation less cumbersome and reducing stress on the roof. In addition, the panels also double as insulation, thus reducing energy costs during temperature extremes in the summer and winter.

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For long-lasting roof design that meets federal and state building codes, contact Urbizo Bros Roofing. Our services include a full range of additions for both commercial and residential roofs. The tapered roofing design addresses common problems that lead to damage.

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