The Damaging Effects of UV Rays on Asphalt Shingles

UV asphalt shingles, asphalt shingle UV damageAsphalt shingles are one of the most common forms of residential roofing. Unfortunately, older asphalt shingles are also prone to damage from UV radiation. What exactly are the damaging effects of UV radiation on asphalt shingles and what can homeowners do to minimize the damage?

How Do UV Rays Damage Asphalt Shingles?

UV rays cause the asphalt’s surface layer to dry up. Over time, this can lead to cracking and warping. UV radiation does this by altering the shingle’s chemical makeup. The intense heat also causes the asphalt’s oil to evaporate, making the material brittle.

In addition, shingles are also more prone to thermal shock during summer. This is due to the constant flux between daytime’s heat and nighttime’s cooler temperatures. This leads to rapid expansion and contraction, causing the shingles to pull away.

How to Minimize UV Ray Damage

Many modern asphalt shingles come with a solar reflective coating to prevent UV degradation. Unfortunately, even with this added protection, the coated granules will still separate after prolonged exposure to precipitation.

This is why an annual roof survey is highly recommended. This is especially the case if you find traces of granules in the gutters or downspout. This means the coating is coming off and exposing the asphalt.

Other measures may include adding more attic insulation. Without adequate insulation, the heat accumulated inside the home can pass through the attic and affect the shingles. The same goes for ventilation. Ample ventilation prevents too much humid air from collecting in the attic.

We Protect All Roofs from UV Rays

Many modern roofs are long-lasting but are not immune to the elements. Call Urbizo Bros Roofing for a routine inspection of your residential or commercial roof. Our additional services include shingle upgrades and fortification. The effects of UV rays on asphalt shingles require the homeowner’s attention.

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