How to Protect Your Roof Drip Edge

roof drip edge

Most modern residential roofs have a drip edge. This is an invaluable yet often overlooked component that protects the shingles from puddling water. Like other roofing parts, the roof drip edge requires routine care. Find out how you can prolong the life of this all-important component of your roof.

What Is a Roof Drip Edge?

The drip edge is a piece that connects the edge of the roof to the gutters. It slightly overlaps the gutter to jettison water off the roof shingles.

Without a drip edge, a gap will exist between the roof edge and the gutter, allowing moisture to accumulate. This can damage the area where the shingles and fascia boards meet. In addition, the drip edge also seals the small opening in the fascia board, preventing pests from entering.

How to Protect the Drip Edge

Review your roof warranty. It should cover drip edge repair. Nevertheless, go over the terms and conditions to be sure. Even with a warranty coverage, the drip edge shouldn’t just be an afterthought.

One way you can protect the drip edge is by painting it. Painting the drip edge sounds strange and unnecessary since the piece is mostly out of sight. However, painting over the piece serves a two-fold purpose. First, the primer seals the drip edge and protects it from water damage. Keep in mind that the component designed to protect the roof from moisture is itself prone to moisture damage. Secondly, using a matching color allows the drip edge to blend with the roof façade if it extends beyond the overhang.

We Restore and Replace Roof Drip Edges

We inspect drip edges for both residential and commercial roofs. We repair and replace components pertaining to the gutters and related components as part of our additional services. Call Urbizo Bros Roofing to be sure the roof drip edge is operating as it should be.

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