Protecting Your Roof From Thermal Shock

Protecting Your Roof

Modern residential and commercial roofs are sturdy and can withstand most of nature’s assaults. Depending on the quality of the construction, though, it may or may not be able to handle thermal shock. In this blog, you’ll learn about thermal shock and why protecting your roof is necessary.

What Is Thermal Shock?

Thermal shock refers to sudden temperature changes. A rapid drop or rise in temperature can cause the roofing materials to contract or expand. This causes them to gradually lose their elasticity. Different materials, such as the shingles and the membrane, expand at different rates. The simultaneous movements cause damage, especially in vertical-to-horizontal areas.

Thermal shock typically occurs during a seasonal transition period, though it can occur year-round. Thunderstorms, fairly common in the Mukilteo area, can cause temperature fluctuations by as much as 30-degrees within minutes.

The Damage

The different rates of contraction and expansion of the shingles, membranes, flashing, insulation, and underlayment can cause fissures. Materials that are brittle from old age can split wide open, leaving an entry point for water and invasive pests.

Is Your Roof at Risk?

Newer roofs are usually safe from thermal shock since the materials are still relatively flexible. As the roof ages, though, it begins losing elasticity, making it vulnerable to thermal shock. If you have an older roof, about 20 years or older, then we recommend periodic inspections. A roofer can determine the roofing material’s susceptibility to thermal shock and suggest what to do if the material is in danger.

Commercial and residential roofs are susceptible to thermal shock. Both business owners and homeowners should keep this in mind. 

Does Your Property Require Thermal Shock Protection for Your Roof?

Our additional services include fortification to protect the roofing materials from thermal shock and other natural elements. Call Urbizo Bros Roofing for a thorough inspection and survey. Roof thermal shock protection may be necessary to prevent fissures and splitting.

Residential and Commercial Roof Fortification

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