Roof Leak Vs Attic Condensation: What’s the Difference?

roof leak, attic condensationSeeing evidence of water on the ceiling is definitely worrisome. Most homeowners automatically believe this is a sign of a leaky roof. However, the problem may lie in the attic and not the roof. In any case, a wet ceiling indicates you either have a leaky roof or attic condensation.

What Is Attic Condensation?

A leaky roof is pretty self-explanatory. However, fewer people are familiar with the term ‘attic condensation.’ Many homeowners contact us for a residential roof inspection when they suspect a leak. Often, the problem turns out to be condensation in the attic. This is more common in cold weather. In frigid temperatures, frost can form in the attic. When homeowners heat the home, the frost melts and forms condensation. In some cases, this may cause wet spots to form on the ceiling.

How to Distinguish Between the Two

So, how do you know if your home has a roof leak or attic condensation? To make a determination, you should see if condensation is also forming around the windows, light fixtures, or skylight? If so, then you probably have attic condensation.

You should also walk around the home’s exterior. Do you notice missing or torn shingles? If you do, then you may have a roof leak. If the sun is out, go into the attic. If you see sunrays shining through the roof, then that is another strong indicator of a roof leak.

The above indicators also apply to commercial roofs. Business owners also need to take heed if they see wet spots in their facility’s ceiling.

We Address Both Roof Leaks and Attic Condensation

Call Urbizo Bros Roofing if you see water spots on your ceiling. Our services include roof fortification to minimize water penetration. Whether you have a roof leak or attic condensation, the problem invites rot and mold growth.

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