How to Compare Commercial Roofing Proposals

commercial roofingAs with any major construction project, you’re going to acquire quotes from multiple contractors. When comparing commercial roofing proposals, you would be wise to look beyond rates. You have to read the contract agreement carefully to know exactly what the agreement entails.

1. Research Company History

Select a company that comes at the personal recommendation of friends and trusted colleagues. We also recommend companies that have been in operation for a minimum of 10 years. Businesses in operation for this length of time usually have a good local reputation because they’ve developed sufficient expertise.

2. Check Company Insurance Coverage

Commercial roofing isn’t a cozy office job. The physical labor entails the possibility of bodily injury. Verify that the company has commercial general liability insurance. Check whether coverage covers injury and property damage. Specifically, look at the certificate of insurance (COI) for the coverage amount. It should have a minimum liability limit of $5 million.

3. Check the Company’s Experience Modification Rate (EMR)

The EMR should be in the proposal. This lists the number of worker’s compensation claims that have been made compared to other companies within the industry. The lower the number the better. Ideally, the EMR should be under 1.0. This number is important because it’s an indicator of how well the company adheres to and enforces safety protocols.

4. Check the Materials

The proposal should include an outline of the materials. Be on the lookout for low-quality materials that may reduce roof longevity. Materials should be within state code. In Washington, the required R-value, for example, is between R38 and R60. Does the roofing insulation fall within these R-values?

We Provide Detailed Commercial Roofing Proposals

We believe the proposal is a strong insight into a company’s professionalism. This applies for both commercial and residential roofing projects. Give Urbizo Bros Roofing a call. We will present you with a commercial roofing proposal that details our exact services and provisions.

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