Four Roofing Resolutions for 2019

roofing resolutionsYou make resolutions for your health and finances, so why not do the same for your home? We recommend roofing resolutions because the roof is just as important as the foundation. We always recommend functional improvements over aesthetics.

1. Walk the Roof

Due to the slope in a residential roof, we don’t recommend that homeowners actually get up on the roof. Leave this part to an inspector. Why is this important? You need to be on the roof to detect soft spots in the underlayment. You can also better spot loose nails or peeling shingles.

2. Check the Eaves

The eaves are the wooden portion of the house that borders the roof. Inspect the eaves for rot or decay. If you have metal eaves, then check for signs of rust and oxidization. We recommend adding drip flashing, which prevents wooden eaves from rotting. If the eaves contain soffit vents, then an inspector needs to check the vents for possible airflow obstruction.

3. Check the Attic

The attic is an integral part of the roof. Look for sagging underlayment and water penetration. We suggest checking during daylight hours when the sun is out. If you spot any sunrays penetrating the attic, then a hole is present. A hole means an opening for water and pests.

4. Check for Animal Intrusions

Check for signs of animal nests. Wildlife, such as mice, squirrels, and pigeons, might be cute and cuddly, but they are more destructive than you think. They can destroy shingles, create holes, and tear at soffit vents. We can identify the presence of wildlife. With this information in hand, you should contact a wildlife removal service.

We Fulfill Roofing Resolutions

We help homeowners with their roofing woes and do the same for business owners with their commercial roofs. Urbizo Bros Roofing provides roofing and related services for Mukilteo residents to help them fulfill their roofing resolutions.

Fortify Your Roof in 2019!

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