How Trees Can Damage Your Roof

roof damage, tree damageA tree on your property contributes immensely to the a home’s curb appeal and adds a natural element to the surroundings. However, many homeowners don’t know that trees can damage a roof. We explain how and what you can do to minimize damage.

1. Overhanging Branches

The Mukilteo area is prone to wind gusts strong enough to cause branches to snap. Larger branches have enough weight to put a hole in your roof. Smaller branches may catch on shingles and pull them off as they come down. The weight of snow on the branch can also contribute to the branch’s giving way.

We recommend contacting tree service to prune trees with branches that extend past your roofline.

2. Leaves

Leaves, twigs, and pine needles can cause damage to residential roofs albeit indirectly. When they collect on the roof, they trap the moisture underneath. When moisture has nowhere to go, it leaches under the shingles and makes its way to the wooden support beams.

Fall and winter are the times to clear out leaves and small debris as they accumulate.

3. Leaves in the Gutter

This is an extension of the last point. Leaves that collect in the gutter cause multi-scale damage. It causes water to spill from the gutter instead of exiting through the downspout. This causes water to pool around the foundation. Water that collects on the gutter also leads to ice dams on the roof. Ice dams can leak into the soffits and lead to a ceiling leak.

Regularly remove leaves from the gutter as you’re removing them from the roof.

Be Mindful of How Trees Damage Roofs

Contact Urbizo Bros Roofing as fall becomes winter. Both residential and commercial roofs require winter maintenance. Our other services include roof fortification for improved durability. Roof damage from trees can be serious; get an arborist involved if need be.

Winter Roof Damage Assessment

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