Best Roofing for a Beach House

beach house roof, coastal area roofingDo you live near the coast? This is the dream residence for many folks. However, owning property near a body of water comes with additional considerations. These include special roof installation and repairs. We’ll explain for you some of the best roofing options for a beach house.

Roofing Considerations for Coastal Properties

Coastal areas experience more humidity and salt in the air. High winds are also more commonplace. The salt can corrode certain roofing materials, such as metal. Beach house roofing panels may require special alloy coating.

Strong wind gusts can rip panels and shingles right off the roof. A beach house might require heavier roofing material that is rated for high winds.

Roofers must take these factors into consideration for both residential and commercial roof installations.

Good Roofing Choices


Slate is heavy, with a lifespan of 100 years—a lifetime. While quite pricey, slate can withstand heavy winds better than any other roof type. However, due to the heavier weight, not all beach house roof structures can accommodate slate.


Contrary to popular belief, copper does not rust the way iron does. When copper is exposed to moisture, it actually forms a protective barrier called a patina. This protects it from corrosion. Since copper was a mainstay in older homes, it also gives the property a classic charm.

Asphalt Shingles

Asphalt has a fairly good wind rating, though not as high as slate or copper. However, it is a more affordable alternative. The surface, though, may be prone to cracks as the material contracts due to moisture absorption.

We Install all Roofing Types for a Beach House

Do you live or own a business in one of our coastal areas? If so, your roof requires special attention. Contact Urbizo Bros Roofing for surveying and other services. The best roofing options for a beach house ensure longevity in spite of the harsh elements.

Roofing for Coastal Homes and Businesses

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