Do You Know Your Roof’s Weight?

roof weightYour roof’s weight is probably not something you’ve ever considered. The weight is actually very important because it affects the home’s value, energy efficiency, and more. Let’s explore other reasons why the roof’s weight is a relevant factor for both residential and commercial roofs.

Factors That Determine Roof Weight

Your roof is far more than just the upper layer of shingles or panels. The total weight also includes the bottom layer, which may include plywood, lumber, lath boards, etc. Even the surface layer may include more than one layer.

It’s important to know the weight because a home in need of repairs may struggle to support the weight. This takes us to the next topic.

The Home’s Age

Structures naturally weaken as they age. Factors such as moisture, thermal cycling, and gradually shifting soil wear the building. An inspector may recommend reducing the roof’s weight in order to “take the load” off the structure.

Roofing materials also lose weight with age. Components such as the oil or adhesives may evaporate and granules may erode. Asphalt shingles several decades old are only about 60% to 70% of their original weight.

Geographic Location

Excessive roof weight may also be problematic if you live in a region prone to seismic activity. Many modern homes in Japan, for example, made the transition to lightweight aluminum roofing from the heavier tile roofs. Researchers observed that homes with the latter sustained greater damage after major seismic events. Tremors cause foundational shifts. In turn, the walls and support beams lose their ability to support the weight of the roof.

We Determine Your Roof Weight

You can’t exactly weigh your roof on a scale. That’s why you need to call Urbizo Bros Roofing. One of our many services include roof weight estimation. This determines whether further remediation is necessary. The roof weight does impact the safety and integrity of your home or facility.

Roof Weight Estimation and Remediation

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