The Benefits of Commercial Roof Skylights

commercial skylightWhy should you invest in skylights for your facility? The primary benefit of a commercial roof skylight comes down to the natural lighting. Yes, you cut down on energy use. However, many building owners overlook the secondary benefit of increased staff productivity.

How Does a Commercial Skylight Increase Facility Productivity?

Researchers have conducted numerous studies and discovered correlations between sunlight exposure and increased work performance.

One study from Northwestern University in Chicago is especially noteworthy. Researchers examined the effects of workers in an office with ample windows vs those in a windowless room. The former received 173% more light exposure during their typical 9-to-5 work day. The subjects from that group also scored higher in a quality-of-life survey.

Furthermore, a study from the World Green Building Council revealed that workers exposed to more daylight were 18% more productive.

That’s not all. A report from the American Society of Interior Design revealed that 68% of employees cite inadequate lighting as a common distraction.

What About Artificial Lighting?

Some employers may hesitate to modify their commercial roofs in any way. Instead, they may opt for more fluorescent lighting. This is a bad idea. Most artificial lights strain the eyes. The lights are also really dim, which triggers drowsiness, migraine headaches, and loss of motivation.

Maximizing Natural Light Is the Key

Light is a critical component of how we see. Investing in skylights makes sense from both a financial and performance standpoint. We recommend them even if your office already has plenty of windows. This is just one more way to incorporate natural light into your work space.

We Install Commercial Roof Skylights

We install skylights as part of our additional services. The installation is ideal for residential offices as well. Contact Urbizo Bros Roofing to learn how a commercial roof skylight could benefit your business’ profit margins.

Commercial and Residential Roof Skylight Installations

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