Should You Invest in a White Roof?

white roof, cool roofWhite roofs, also known as cool roofs, are becoming a trend among some Mukilteo businesses. However, this popular commercial roofing type isn’t without its controversy. We’ll explain the pros and cons.

What Is a White Roof?

A white roof is pretty much self-explanatory; it’s a roof with white panels. This is supposed to be an energy-efficient form of facility construction. Think about it: why is it a bad idea to wear black on a hot summer day? The color of night absorbs heat far more than lighter colors. More heat absorption means more heat transfer into the building interior. Lighter roof panels have the opposite effect.

According to studies from the Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory, white roofs reduce energy use by 20% on a hot day. In metropolitan areas, white roofs also help reduce smog levels by lowering city temperatures. The latter tends to be higher in urban areas due to the mass heat absorption from paved roads.

The Drawback of White Roofs

Don’t jump on the white roof bandwagon just yet, however. This roof type may not be as eco-friendly as meets the eye. One study from Stanford University suggests it might actually contribute to global warming.

The study revealed that white roofs actually reduce the vertical transport of moisture into the atmosphere. This has a domino effect that reduces cloud coverage, which leads to less rain and eventually to more droughts.

With this latest study in mind, we do advise both businesses and residences to think over the pros and cons. In any case, further studies and debates are ongoing.

We Provide Modern Energy Efficient Roofing

For Mukilteo facilities, we install modified bitumen roofing. Our other services include additional options for improving energy efficiency. Contact Urbizo Bros Roofing for white roofing options and other add-ons for added tensile strength and longevity.

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