Four Common Warm Weather Roofing Stressors

warm weather roofing stressorsWith summer here, the sun is going to be looming full force over Mukilteo. The heat can be brutal on roof panels and cause collective damage. We’ll identify typical warm weather roofing stressors and how to minimize their potential wear and tear.

1. UV Rays

Even the sturdiest shingles and panels can dry out due to UV ray exposure over many summers. This leaves sections of the roof with little protection. Cracked shingles are a sign that a replacement is in order. Other signs include curling at the corners and fewer granules on each shingle.

2. Humidity

The Pacific Northwest isn’t the most humid region by a longshot. Nevertheless, summer does mean elevated humidity. If the roof surface has cooler temperatures than the surrounding air, water will condense right on the roof. Summer is the time to consider add-ons, such as ridge or soffit vents. Our other services include vent installations and upgrades.

3. Wind and Rain

Summer isn’t just 24/7 balmy and sunny weather. Summers can be unpredictable with occasional high winds and downpours. Powerful gusts can partially lift shingles, causing openings that invite leaks or insulation issues.

4. Moss Growth

Moss thrives in the summer. Under the right conditions, the growth can cover the entire roof. The moss itself isn’t a major concern. However, moss collects moisture, which then transfers to the shingles. The moisture can also leak into the wood beneath. If left unattended, moss can become more physically attached to the roof. At this point, you may require pressure washing services to remove the growth.

We Address Problems Caused by Warm Weather Roofing Stressors

We take care of roofing concerns for both residential and commercial roofs throughout Mukilteo. Summer can be unforgiving to rooftops, and especially to poorly maintained roofs. Call Urbizo Bros Roofing to check for potential common warm weather roofing problems.

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