Open Valley Roof Vs. Closed Valley Roof: Know the Difference

open valley roof, closed valley roofInstalling a new roof? Repairing an existing one? The installer may enquire whether you want an open valley roof or closed valley roof. Most homeowners are probably unaware of the difference. We’ll explain how open and closed systems work, so you know which is better for your residential needs.

What Is a Roof Valley?

In a sloped roof, a valley is the section where the different flat areas come together in a V-shape formation. The valley is an integral part of the roof, and the area is prone to leaks, necessitating flashing. The valley is also where water collects when it runs off adjacent sections of the roof.

Open Valley

In an open valley, the valley area is protected by a heavy-gauge aluminum or metal strip, and by a water and ice shield. The point of intersection, though, is uncovered by the uppermost roofing material.

Closed Valley

Now that you understand the concept of an open valley, you can probably guess what a closed valley is. In closed valley roofs, the roofer installs shingles directly over the area. Basically, where separate flat sections meet, they seamlessly meld together under this design scheme. The shingles then become the lining that protects the valley from water run-off.

Which Is Better?

Some roofers say closed valleys are better. The argument is that open valleys are prone to leakage at the point where the shingle and metal strip come together. However, this should not be a concern as long as the installation is done properly. Some people also think closed valleys are more aesthetically appealing, but this is more of a personal preference.

We Do Closed and Open Valley Construction

Need Repairs? Contact Urbizo Bros Roofing. The valley is an integral part of the roof. This goes for commercial roofs with a residential roof design. Our additional services cover repairs and reinforcements for both open valley roofs and closed valley roofs.

Closed and Open Valley Roof Repairs

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