Does Your Commercial Roof Need a Access Hatch?

Access hatchAlmost no residential roofs have a access hatch. Why, then, do you need one for a commercial roof? Commercial facilities have stricter building codes, thus requiring regular inspections. This includes maintenance of the roof. A hatch provides an easy and safe access point for inspectors and in-house personnel.

Considerations for an Access Hatch

First, you need to determine a size for the hatch. Do you intend to just use the hatch as an access point for staff members? Or do you require a larger opening for transporting large equipment? Warehouses and manufacturing plants tend to require the latter, especially if installing generator or HVAC equipment.

A hatch also requires a built-in ladder or stairs. For smaller single-cover hatches, a fixed ladder usually suffices. For larger hatches and for transferring heavy equipment, the roofer may recommend the installation of ship stairs.

Types of Access Hatches

Hatches come in just a large variety of styles. Here are some hatch types we install for Mukilteo facilities.

Steel Roof Hatch

This is a basic hatch made from heavy-duty steel. It is fortified with rust-resistant coating to withstand the harshest weather elements.

Aluminum Floor Hatches

This is another sturdy choice. It often comes with a diamond-plated surface door to withstand foot traffic from utility workers. Installers may also enhance the hatch with noise-control padding.

Recessed Floor Hatch

This variety allows installers to fit a piece of flooring over the door so it matches the surrounding floor surface. This includes common flooring materials, such as tile, stone, and concrete.

We Install Access Hatches for Mukilteo Businesses

Call Urbizo Bros Roofing for commercial roofing services. We install, retrofit, and repair hatches as part of our additional services. Our roofers will let you know the type of roof hatch you need for your specific industry and building type.

Commercial Access Hatch Installation

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