The Different Types of Metal Roofing Panels

metal roofingMost homeowners are aware of the different types of residential roofing shingles. With respect to metal roofing, though, people often assume there is only one type. Different types of metal roofing panels are available, so they’re just as diverse as shingles. We’ll introduce the different styles of this very durable roofing.

Four Metal Roofing Types

1. Steel Roofing

Steel is an alloy consisting of iron and other elements. Most roof manufacturers make steel panels from recycled material, making this roofing style a sustainable and cost-effective option. Most steel panels are made from either galvanized or weathering steel.

2. Aluminum Roofing

We recommend aluminum panels for coastal homes due to their resistance to salt corrosion. Aluminum is highly reactive to oxygen, which causes the formation of aluminum oxide. This acts as a seal that protects the panels’ inner layer from corrosion.

3. Copper Roofing

Copper is the oldest of all metal roofing types. Aside from being easily recyclable, the material is also exceptionally long-lasting. Some copper roofing panels from colonial-era homes are still intact. Copper is also relatively soft, making them quiet during rain. The material, though, may be prone to dents from hailstorms.

4. Zinc Roofing

The panels of older Humvee frames were made from zinc. This is a favored option for commercial roofing and other projects due to zinc’s malleable properties. One drawback, though, is zinc’s susceptibility to chalking. This leaves behind a residue that home and store owners find unappealing. Over time, the surface also patinas into a bluish or greyish tint, which may or may not be desirable.

We Provide All Metal Roofing Types

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