Roofing Membrane Parameters for a Commercial Roof

roof membrane parametersCommercial roofing typically consists of flat roofs. This is a sound choice. However, there are many varieties of roofing membranes. Some are higher-quality than others. Your roofer will choose a membrane that’s right for your facility and location. Nevertheless, we recommend that you acquaint yourself with the many roofing membrane parameters.

Rating Parameters for Roofing Membranes

Breaking Strength

Most contractors mechanically fasten membranes to the roof deck. Breaking strength evaluates the membrane’s ability to hold in place in the event of extreme forces, such as strong winds.

Tearing Strength

Tearing strength is similar to breaking strength. The former measures the required force to rip a membrane from the edges. Breaking strength, by contrast, measures the force that pulls at the opposite ends of the sheet in opposing directions.

Puncture resistance

This is pretty self-explanatory. High puncture resistance reduces the likelihood of small holes that can lead to leaks and reduced insulation.


Flexible membranes are better able to contract and expand with the building as temperature changes. Buildings also expand over the years as they settle. Membranes need to have a certain level of “elasticity.”

Seam Strength

You may have heard of the saying that a chain is only as strong as its weakest link. The membrane’s seams may be that weakest link. In a high-quality membrane, the seams are just as durable as the rest of the unit.

Weathering Package

Some membranes are treated with a weathering package to help prolong its life against harsh weather. Thicker membranes have higher weathering package per unit of surface area.

We Install Durable Roof Membranes

These parameters are important for both commercial and residential roofing. Contact Urbizo Bros Roofing at the start of 2018 for an inspection or other roof-related service. These roofing membrane parameters are important for ensuring durability and longevity.

Durable Roofing Membrane Installation

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